These are stratified according to urgency of clinical need into:

  • Emergency Referrals
  • Inpatient Referrals
  • Outpatient Referrals

Emergency Referrals

A non-resident duty specialist registrar in Gastroenterology is available for support and advice 24-hours a day.

They also provide emergency endoscopy chiefly for cases of suspected acute upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage. Please refer to our acute upper gastrointestinal bleeding pathway for additional information.

If you wish to discuss any problem please ring the main switchboard (0151-706-2000) and ask the operator to contact the on-call Gastroenterology Specialist Registrar.


Inpatient Referrals

We aim to review all non-emergent inpatient referrals within 24-hours.

Our service is divided into three teams, namely:

  • Hepatology Team
  • Hollow Organ Service
  • Nutrition Team

Please refer your inpatients via the ICE System available on the trusts intranet. These will be dispatched to the appropriate team who conduct daily ward rounds.


Outpatient Referrals

To arrange a routine Gastroenterology outpatient clinic appointment for your patient please send a typed referral letter either through the internal post to link 5Z or fax to 0151-706-5832 and the referral will be dealt by the most appropriate team. However, if you wish to refer to a particular consultant please indicate this in your referral.

At present we see the majority of referrals within 6-weeks and urgent referrals within 2-3 weeks.

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