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The Directorate of Gastroenterology at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital is a tertiary referral centre for Gastroenterology in the Mersey region.

We manage a wide variety of Digestive Disease problems. Each of the consultants have a sub-specialist interest in Gastroenterology as outlined in the Consultants / Personnel section.

It is a busy department. We deliver 18 outpatient clinics weekly while the endoscopy unit performs in excess of 13,000 procedures annually.

We are committed to providing a quality, accessible service to patients, primary care providers and consultant colleagues across the Mersey region.

Please select the most applicable group link from the list on the left for guidance on how to access our clinic and endoscopy services.

Internal and external guidelines adopted by our endoscopy unit are also provided.


The information contained on this site is for the sole purpose of informing patients and health professionals of the guidelines endorsed and adopted by this unit.

The Directorate have made all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information on this site but can take no responsibility for your use of it. Nor can we take responsibility for anything contained in other linked sites.

It is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are in any doubt as to your medical condition, or if you are in need of advice, you should contact your doctor or other health professional.

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