Directorate Statistics

Directorate Statistics (2005/6):

Staff: ~150
Consultant Medical Staff: 13 (4 Academic)
Specialist Nurses: 10 (3 Nurse Consultants)
SpRs: 8 (2 University Lecturers, 1 Flexible Trainee)
SHOs: 2
PRHOs: 4
Clinical Secretaries: 8
Inpatient numbers: 2400 to Gastro Wards; 500 ‘Internal Consultations’ per annum

Outpatient Clinics: 18 (incl 5 nurse-led) service 4000 new and 11000 review appointments per annum.  All new appointments are seen within 7 weeks of referral currently and we are actively managing this with the aim of getting waiting times down to 4 weeks.  We are developing community network links to help manage chronic diseases.

Endoscopy: approx 14,000 (of whom 4,000 inpatient, 10,000 OP or Day case)
Our diagnostic waiting times are all under six weeks.

Courses run by National Training Centre: 37 (of which 22 “Hands on Endoscopy” including ERCP and EUS) 

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