Second endoscopy training visit to Malawi

Following our first endoscopy training visit in March 2009, Dr Paul O’Toole, Consultant Gastroenterologist and Director of the Merseyside School of Endoscopy at RLUHT, made a 2-week training visit to Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi in October 2009.

He helped with 2 weeks of hands-on-endoscopy basic skills and endotherapy training for endoscopy trainees and trainers, offered technical and practical help with equipment set-up and decontamination, gave talks, and helped with local research and guideline development. He also delivered further donated decommissioned endoscopes and decontamination equipment from RLUHT, to be used by the Malawi endoscopy unit. He had a busy programme, which was very much appreciated by the local Endoscopists and Endoscopy Nurses.

Dr Thumbs, a local Endoscopy Trainer, wrote:

“The workshop with Dr. Paul O'Toole from Liverpool was a great success and great fun for all participants. Our trainees (and the trainers...) learned a lot and Paul could give us huge input. We are very, very grateful that he was here and we do hope that he will come back soon."

Sister Neema Mthunthama wrote:

“Many thanks for the items that came with Paul. Rose is sending her thanks too. Sure made a great difference to the unit and patients. He came at the right time. The donated clips that Paul used saved a life and stopped operation of a close friend with life-threatening GI bleeding. May you be rewarded for all your efforts and all the donations you have sent to us! This world wouldn’t be a better place without you!”

We have now applied for grant support from the British Council and DfID to continue our training activities and support for Malawi.

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Second endoscopy training visit to Malawi

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